10 best accessories for your Good Dog in 2018

10 best accessories for your Good Dog in 2018

Man’s best friend has been with us for millenniums and is still as faithful as ever. To show your appreciation to your furry friend for all the love, support, and happiness he/she has provided over the years, a mere tummy rub or scratch behind the ear is not enough. You need to go the extra mile and show your loyal four legged companion some love by getting one or even all of these awesome doggy accessories.

Even you will be proud to see your dog in or with one of these

This glow in the dark will make your dog the most sci-fi looking canine on the block. In fact, with this collar, your dog will look like it just stepped off the set of Blade Runner. The Glowdoggie collar is a waterproof LED collar that glows 24/7. Asides from its fancy look, it’s also a useful accessory used by K-9 Search and Rescue canine units around the world so they can be easily spotted during night missions.

Is your dog one of those naughty ones that runs away from home and leaves you distraught for days? Well you can fix that thanks to Tagg. This pet tracker will let you know what your dog is up to from anywhere in the world thanks to its GPS based system. Once your dog leaves its restricted area or virtual fence, you will be immediately alerted and can track your dog with ease

Is your arm sore from playing fetch but your dog is rearing to go? Well rest your arm and let the games continue with a K-9 Kannon Tennis Ball Launcher. This toy lets you launch tennis balls to far distances and will give your dog an opportunity to run and run and run. You can now actually watch your dog tire of fetch before you do.

iFetch goes one step further than the K-9 Kannon by putting the game of fetch in complete autopilot. All you need do is sit back and watch your dog entertain itself for as long as he/she can. The device powers on once your dog drops a ball in it and it will keep launching it as long as Fido keeps bringing the ball back

If your dog is prone to getting hot, especially if you live in desert like area, the Cooler Vest lets you keep your dog cool with no hassles. You simply dip the vest in cold water, squeeze out the excess water, and wrap the vest around your dog. The cool vest will keep your dog happy and protected from heat exhaustion.

This chew toy is fun and practical. It’s great for laughs and you can stuff dog treats in it to get your pet really excited

Is your dog a nosy pet or just a curious one? Well now he/she can curious nosy to hearts content with the Peek Fence Window. The window is a 9.5 inch dome that you can install in your fence at your dog’s height so your dog can get a 180 degree view of what’s going on outside.

No reason why your dog can’t have its own classy and stylish pad. With a Dog Mansion, your best friend will be the envy of all the other hounds on the block. You can have a Dog Mansion made according to your specifications from finest products like unbreakable window glass and varnished wood. This pricey dog houses will show your pup you really care.

When next you heading out on an outdoor trip with your dog, Ruffwear Packs will let your dog contribute by helping out with the luggage. The pack can be worn on your dog and it comes with secure pockets where you can store pickup bags, leash, and more. It all depends on how much load your dog can carry. But it is recommended that the weight of the load shouldn’t exceed 25-30% of the dog’s weight.

Living water out for your dog in a bowl isn’t necessarily best. Especially if you more often than not forget to change your dog’s drinking water. But with WaterDog’s Drinking Fountain, your dog can get fresh water whenever it needs it straight from the source. The fountain utilises sonar proximity to determine when your dog within the range of 3 feet. This will activate the fountain and your pet can drink to his/her hearts content

Dogs also like a comfy place to lay and take a nice nap. You can provide your dog just such a spot with this stylish bamboo constructed hammock. It consists of a stain resistant suede cushion so you don’t have to worry much about clean up and enough comfort to keep your pup snoozing

Not every dog is enthusiastic about taking a bath. But there are other that simply love it. Either way, you have to do the hard work of giving the dog a bath. But not anymore with the Canine Shower Stall. It does all the hard work for you once you place your dog in it. It is designed for all size dogs and comes with 16 water jet nozzles to give your dog a relaxing and deep clean.

If your dog isn’t much of a swimmer or tires quickly in the water, you don’t have to worry about safety anymore thanks to Ruffwear. The Float Coat will keep your dog safe and afloat once it hops in the water and the ultra-durable material of the vest ensures your dog will stay that way until you pull him/her out of the water

Dog beer! But don’t worry because it’s a completely safe and responsible drink for your pet. It is non-alcoholic and designed specifically for dogs. You can find it in two distinct meat flavours – Cock-a-Doodle brew and Beefy Brown Ale.

So which of these products are you looking forward to gifting your pet?

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