13 Trending Fashion Accessories Every Lady Must Have

13 Trending Fashion Accessories Every Lady Must Have

Accessories complement your already-perfect outfit, be it jewelry, bags, scarves, belts or hats; every lady must have some or all of these items in her closet. Whatever your style is, there is always an accessory that will help you make a fashion statement. Each season sets its own trends, deciding what is in vogue and what is not. That is why we have compiled a list of the best accessories every fashion enthusiast must have in her closet this year.


Hats have found their way back into the fashion scene. From bucket hats to visors, oversized sun hats to pompom hats and rain bonnets; there is a hat for every season. Besides the fact that it’s a perfect way to shield yourself from the elements (pompom hats keep your ears warm in winter while sun hats are a great way to block those harmful UV rays from the sun), hats are beautiful accessories to have. Another edge they have is that there is a hat for almost every occasion, whether your style is denim with a simple knit top or a girly dress; you are sure to find a hat that goes perfectly with your outfit. Burberry’s Visor hat and the Pompom hat by Anna Sui are some of the trendiest.


Fancy headbands have taken the runway by the storm. Made of different materials ranging from simple trim to leather, and even jewels (like Gucci’s crystal headpieces), headbands are a very simple way to make fashion statements. There is a headband for almost every occasion; a leather headband will do for a hippie or Gothic kind of look while the more dressy jewel-encrusted headbands are perfect for red carpet events. It is a chic and practical way to keep your hair out of your face (which could be a bother on windy days). You could even attempt making your own DIY headband with a piece of fancy trim and some elastic.


Since Bella Hadid started the trend of these sunglasses, which are so called due to their appearance in the movie, “matrix”; more fashionistas have been following the trend all over the globe. There are so many shapes and colors to choose from and it is a most stylish way to make a statement. While deciding on which teeny-tiny sunglasses to buy, don’t forget to opt for the ones with UV protection lenses which stop harmful sun rays from getting into your eyes. Notable pieces include MiuMiu’s Neon Shades, which has bright neon frames, Alexander Wang’s Gentle Monster Collaboration and Prada’s Matrix  Sunglasses.


Sparkly statement earrings have once more hit the spotlight. Whether it is a daytime or evening occasion, these are just what you need to add that touch of style to your outfit. Many jewelry designers combine artistry with just the right amount of glitz to create pieces that can stand out. You can never go wrong with bold pieces, such as the Swarovski Crystal Pineapple Earrings by Brandon Maxwell.


Scarves could be a great way to keep the chill away when worn around the neck or what you need to spice up your simple look. Whether you wrap it around your head to make a gorgeous head wrap or conceal a bad hair day, scarves have once more made their way to the scene. They come in all sizes and patterns ranging from pastel colours to bold animal prints, tartan, floral patterns and even artsy abstract designs. Whether you are wearing a simple tee shirt and denim or a dress, a scarf could just be that breath of freshness your outfit needs.


Gloves have once more graced the fashion scene. The elbow length opera gloves seem to be favoured as they have a way of adding a touch of elegance to your outfit. Who cares if you have to take them off to respond to a mail on your phone?


Simple and chic cross-body bags have become the rave this season, probably because they keep your hands free to tweet or reply a DM or whatever it is that makes you need both hands. The straps of these stylish bags are slung across the body, causing the bag itself to rest just beneath your bust. They are a trendy alternative to the belt bags and are also practical. Make sure your cross-body does not appear too bulky as it might just spoil the overall effect of your outfit.


Stylish handbags which bring back to life your elementary school geometry lessons are in vogue again. Conventional handbags have been pushed to the back burner as these new geometric-shaped bags take over. There are a variety of shapes to choose from so finding one that suits your style is quite simple. The Tiny Bucket Bag from Chloe and PacoRabanne’s Cube Bag are perfect for you.


This is by far the most innovative fashion accessory ever. Worn at the waist like a belt, fanny packs have been redefined. Belt bags are not only utilitarian but also eccentric; no one can go wrong with a belt bag. Urban, hippie, sporty, fashionista; whatever your style is, there is a belt bag for you.


Gone are the days of wondering if a bag or clutch is too audacious to go with your outfit. Colourful bags with the most inspiring textures are the rage. They are not only shapely but they are also trendy. A brightly-patterned clutch is a good way to spice things up a little bit.


If you must wear heels, wear pumps. These incredibly feminine shoes have always been a must-have accessory for every woman, sort of like a power statement. The pointed-toe variety is the perfect way to give your outfit that touch of feminine elegance. Designers have truly outdone themselves, creating fabulous pieces with a variety of textured fabrics that scream “stylish”.  Extra embellishments like studs, bows, jewels and complex embroideries are further added to embellish them. You can never go wrong with a pair of pumps.


Boots have always been in vogue and this year is no different. Worn mostly for comfort, they are also a trendy way to make a statement. There is nothing sexier than a female wearing a boot. They are always a good investment as they would work perfectly with different outfits. Check out these Fishnet Boots by Tibi, they’re just fabulous.


Sneakers are just so cool, perhaps because they manage to be trendy and comfortable at the same time. No lady has more bounce in her step than the one wearing sneakers. Twists, such as spikes and embroideries as well as other embellishments, have been incorporated into sneakers in recent times. Sneakers are definitely a must-have for the twenty-first century lady.

Keeping in mind that fashion is dynamic; don’t be afraid to try something new. What accessories are a must-have for you as a lady?  Let us know.

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