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Best Apple Watch Accessories of 2017

Best Apple Watch Accessories of 2017

Like other manufacturing industry the demand for improvement is insatiable. Inventors of all specs embark on ceaseless operations to meet consumer needs while easing their finances. If you’ve ever come across people who own an apple watch you would probably wonder, why they may seem to be obsessed with a mere piece of watch. But the Apple watch is one of its kind. Taste, class, and reliability are the characteristics that make apple products stand out among others. its encompasses calendar tracker and more. If you are someone who loves recreation, then this is for you in the year 2017. Make it your resolution to get one or better still, get one for your partner or loved one this valentine.

Apple Watch Series 1

The apple series 1 watch, enables message replay due to its light and fast performance and the apps are always being updated. Activities such as the number of calories burnt, movement covered in a day and heart rate can be shared.

Apple Series 2

The Apple series two is an intensive product with the manufacturers ensuring the enhancement of the features to multi-task by serving as fitness tracking devices and it also includes several states of the art features like an inbuilt GPS which helps during walking or hiking. An up to date heart sensor also comes with the watch resulting to an accurate tracking of all individual workouts and exercises. The Series 2 permits running other apps and a variation of strap bands for the watch depending on the individual’s choice. The watch has a bright display, which shows that the user can read it any time of the day. One of its predominant feature which makes it peculiar is its waterproof nature hence can be used for swimming, water spot, and so on, to a depth of about 50metres.

Similarities and Discrepancies of Series 1 and 2Series 1 and 2 both have faster processors although, Series 2 is an improved version of series 1 with a slightly larger size and has a small opening behind it. Meticulous buyers will notice this. Series 2 opens apps faster, however.


Series 3

It is anticipated that Series 3 will be released in September 2017, a year after Series 2 was released with improved features such as storage unit of between 3-4 GB to help runners depend on less on their I-Phones, and cover more distances. A drop-in price for series 2 is also foreseen.

Accessorise your Life This Valentine

Choosing a model will depend greatly on the buyer, what are you drawn to, do you love to run, hike, or swim? Referring to the list of features highlighted earlier will make it easier to decide on what to get. Swimmers and runners should go for series 2 since this will serve you best due to inbuilt GPS, and water resistant. If you want to opt for a small size, then Series 1 will just be perfect. If interested in brighter illumination series 2 should be Preferred. Non-swimmers should select series1.



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