Best Bike Accessories for 2017

Best Bike Accessories for 2017

Over the past few years, cycling has grown in popularity. Little wonder too due to its usefulness in many human endeavors, from cycling as a hobby, a competitive pursuit, a way of staying fit, to as most people are increasingly using it- a way to speed up their daily routine. You are being left out if you are not of the bandwagon yet.

While it is growing in popularity, it is still outnumbered by the number of cars hence cyclists are always on the lookout for gadgets and accessories that enhance speed, safety and aestheticism. Look no further! Below are some bike accessories that are guaranteed to make you want to seat on your bike all day long.



Rearview Radar

With safety being first on this list, Rearview Radar tops. With other road users out there, it is all so important to up your level of awareness- yours and other road users. This accessory warns you of vehicles approaching from behind and has a tail light that brightens to notify other road users behind of your presence ahead.


Helmets are standard accessories and are norms. Imagine having a helmet that not only protects your head, but also gives you a camouflage. Yes, the foldable helmet. Helps you to arrive at an occasion and still conceal the fact that you got there on two wheels.

Solos Smartglasses

These are futuristic smart sunglasses that project virtual, real-time metrics. With it, you are able to monitor your heart rate, power, speed, and cadence- all handsfree. They are designed to match the biometrics of the eyes to give cyclist a clearer and enhanced vision. Also equipped with two micro-speakers and voice activation, you can receive texts and incoming calls conveniently.

Solid Tire

Imagine having to NEVER have a flat tire! Yes, that’s right. These tires require no air and as such, can never lose inflation. These tires are made of foam and can receive anything from pin to a needle and a nail, without it going flat. All you have to do is pull them out on your next stop and get going again.